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Bars About 10 Minutes from Airport in Historic Old Sacramento

Posted by docrocks on December 2, 2019

Old Sacramento has Bars near SMF and its own charm. Find yourself surrounded by rich history and love listening to them while you sit back and unwind yourself in some bars of the region. There are a number of choices available when you wish to visit any bar in Old Sacramento region. It is not possible to mention all of them as there are so many that the list will never end. However, before you fly out of Sacramento International Airport, you can spend some quality time here and feel refreshed.

Number of bars at a distance of 10 minutes

Before flying most of the time you are in hurry. That does not mean that you cannot have a drink. When you are planning to have a drink just drive for 10 minutes from Airport and you will get a choice that will make you startle. Do not worry about missing the flight as you can always be there within time as the Old Sacramento region is just 10 minutes away from the Airport. Whether you want some Irish taste or enjoy Gin with fries, you will get the choice and that too so near the airport. Thus, next time while you fly do keep some time for some of the famous bars of Old Sacramento region.

List of few famous bars and restaurants

Sean Finnegan’s Pub which is an Irish Pub that is in a place that has numerous bars over the 15o plus years the building has been there. Also located in Old Sacramento at 1030 2nd Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

River City Saloon, who is well known for their Bloody Mary’s and peanut shells all over the place as well as the great videos played on the monitors. Enjoy Sacramento’s best Bloody Mary. Located at 916 2nd Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 right off the J Street exit of Highway 5.

Rio City Café, 1110 Front Street and along the waterfront.

Pilothouse Restaurant on the Delta King, 1000 Front Street, also on the waterfront in Old Sacramento

O’Mally’s Pub, which is an Irish bar across the street from Finnegan’s located at 1109 2nd Street, Sacramento CA 95614

This is a list that will never end. While you enter this historic place with the Gold rush era signs everywhere you will find how beautiful it is. Walk in and you will be able to get some time that will unwind your inner soul. All the pubs have their own specialty and while you spend time you can enjoy that. There are places that have their own history. Don’t forget to learn them too before you finally fly away.

Bars close to Sacramento Arirport

bars a few minutes from SMF, Sacramento airport

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