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Old Sacramento has been a prime tourist destination in California

Posted by docrocks on January 22, 2020

Old Sacramento has been a prime tourist destination in California, thanks to the beautiful 18th century buildings housing amazing museums and restaurants. This district is also resemblant to the Old West you usually see in movies or TV series. Renting costumes is possible, so bringing your camera will finally get you that perfect Wild West instagram post you’ve always wanted.

During the summer and every weekend, you can see horse-drawn carriages, and street performers dressed in period costumes carrying marionettes and guitars at Old Sacramento. As a bonus, the music they play really tickles the ears. Due to some construction going on in the historic district nowadays, the place is actually less crowded. You can take advantage of that, by scheduling a trip to Old Sacramento for a more peaceful vacation.

Old Sacramento State Historic Park comprises most of the current Old Town. This historic park is located along the banks of the Sacramento River, and is what’s Old Sacramento is most known for.

After a day’s stroll around the historic park, you can head to the River City Saloon, which is the most famous pub in Old Sacramento. River City Saloon is the only Old West saloon in the district, so you wouldn’t want to miss visiting it. The building was originally made of wood back in the day and was replaced with brick in 1857.  Recognizing its big role in Old Sacramento’s history, the saloon was remodeled in 2007, which brought it back to its old glory. It was then renamed the River City Saloon.

The saloon is also home to a grand Triple Arch Brunswick back bar, which resembles the one it used to have back in 1871. The intricate ceilings will also catch your attention. The saloon boasts great customer service, drinks, and food, all of which are components of an unforgettable experience. River City Saloon also offers complimentary Wi-fi, too. At night, the saloon is full of life with people enjoying dance and music, especially during Thursdays. The legendary Old West Sarsaparilla which is carefully brewed explicitly is also a must-try.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Old Sacramento now!

Girls of the River City Saloon located in Old Sacramento

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Bars About 10 Minutes from Airport in Historic Old Sacramento

Posted by docrocks on December 2, 2019

Old Sacramento has Bars near SMF and its own charm. Find yourself surrounded by rich history and love listening to them while you sit back and unwind yourself in some bars of the region. There are a number of choices available when you wish to visit any bar in Old Sacramento region. It is not possible to mention all of them as there are so many that the list will never end. However, before you fly out of Sacramento International Airport, you can spend some quality time here and feel refreshed.

Number of bars at a distance of 10 minutes

Before flying most of the time you are in hurry. That does not mean that you cannot have a drink. When you are planning to have a drink just drive for 10 minutes from Airport and you will get a choice that will make you startle. Do not worry about missing the flight as you can always be there within time as the Old Sacramento region is just 10 minutes away from the Airport. Whether you want some Irish taste or enjoy Gin with fries, you will get the choice and that too so near the airport. Thus, next time while you fly do keep some time for some of the famous bars of Old Sacramento region.

List of few famous bars and restaurants

Sean Finnegan’s Pub which is an Irish Pub that is in a place that has numerous bars over the 15o plus years the building has been there. Also located in Old Sacramento at 1030 2nd Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

River City Saloon, who is well known for their Bloody Mary’s and peanut shells all over the place as well as the great videos played on the monitors. Enjoy Sacramento’s best Bloody Mary. Located at 916 2nd Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 right off the J Street exit of Highway 5.

Rio City Café, 1110 Front Street and along the waterfront.

Pilothouse Restaurant on the Delta King, 1000 Front Street, also on the waterfront in Old Sacramento

O’Mally’s Pub, which is an Irish bar across the street from Finnegan’s located at 1109 2nd Street, Sacramento CA 95614

This is a list that will never end. While you enter this historic place with the Gold rush era signs everywhere you will find how beautiful it is. Walk in and you will be able to get some time that will unwind your inner soul. All the pubs have their own specialty and while you spend time you can enjoy that. There are places that have their own history. Don’t forget to learn them too before you finally fly away.

Bars close to Sacramento Arirport

bars a few minutes from SMF, Sacramento airport

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Old Sacramento an Epitome of Old West!

Posted by docrocks on August 28, 2019

The capital city of California, Sacramento is a renowned tourist destination. It has a lot to offer tourists by way of attractions, hotels, dining, shopping and much more. Sacramento was once one of the largest cities in California. In 1848, gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill on the nearby American River, which sparked the 1849 Gold Rush. During the Gold Rush, Sacramento became the main distribution hub for gold and commodities. Sacramento is situated at the conflux of the American and Sacramento Rivers, which has always been beneficial for trade. The two major attractions of Sacramento are; Old Sacramento and the California State Capitol.

Old sac

Old Sacramento in the day.

Old Sacramento, a preserved portion of the original city from the Gold Rush era, is the riverfront historic district, located west of downtown on the Sacramento River. The town is known for its Gold Rush-era buildings, cobblestone streets, and horse-drawn carriages. Old Sacramento is home to numerous museums, which includes the Sacramento History Museum, the Auto Museum and the state Railroad Museum, which offers excursion train rides. The town is features more than six blocks of Souvenir shops, which sell T-shirts, movie memorabilia, and antiques. Also, Old Sacramento is famous for its high-end restaurants and bars. River City Saloon, is one of the best restaurants located in the historic Old Sacramento district. It was one of the original houses of ill repute owned by Johanna Heigle, and is still famous for its award winning sandwiches. It is one of the must visit places in Old Sacramento.

Besides, the Sacramento Southern Excursion Train is an amazing tourist attraction in old Sacramento as it entertains visitors with a 6-mile, 40-minute-long train ride along the Sacramento River levee in vintage train cars. Then there are most captivating museums in the town, which includes history museums, a railroad museum, and an auto museum. The best part of the town is people enjoy walking on the wooden sidewalks, slurping on some local cuisine, shopping in the unique stores and taking horse-drawn carriage rides around the town. All in all this old historic district has it all to take you down the memory lane.

Places to visit in Old Sacramento

Here is a list of places you can visit while traveling to Old Sac…..

  1. The California State Railroad Museum:

It is the largest train museum in the country that contains railroad cars, engine and memorabilia of the history of the railroads in the USA. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the district. All you need to do is get in the cars and engines and see how in the past people used to commute.

  1. The Sacramento Zoo:

With over 600 animals from over 140 species, the Sacramento Zoo is spread in 14.5 acres. It is a wonderful place to visit in Sacramento, especially for children, it’s a true delight. So, don’t forget to visit the Sacramento Zoo, when you are in town.

  1. The Crocker Art Museum:

The first museum in the west, the Crocker Art Museum was opened in the year 1870. The museum is filled with hundreds of paintings and artwork. It offers one an unforgettable experience for the lifetime to cherish. With a beautiful cafe on the site, you will have enough to see, eat, and chat!

  1. The California Automobile Museum

The museum has more than 120 automobiles dating from 1885 to 2009. If you are fond of automobile and want to know more about the cars then this museum is a must visit. The cars displayed in the museum are stunning. You will have a great opportunity to see and learn about automobile history. And yeah, don’t miss to have and ice cream from the Vic’s Ice Cream Parlor, it will take you back to the soda fountain days. You will have a great experience that is guaranteed!

  1. Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park

It was originally built by John Augustus Sutter in 1839. The walls of the Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park were 2 1/2 feet thick and up to 18 feet tall, but during the Gold Rush it was nearly destroyed. However, still the place makes for a perfect day out and learn more about the old west. Also, there is an excellent gift shop if by chance you want to have a keepsake of your visit, then you can buy books and artifacts here.


Besides these five places mentioned above you can visit Leland Stanford Mansion built by Sheldon Fogus in 1856 during the gold rush. It is a part of the State Park Historical Society. The mansion is filled with furniture and artifacts from the historic Gold Rush era. If you want to know more about California history, then this is the place.

Then you have wonderful carriage rides to take. The best will be to walk to the town and get the “feel” of this remarkable city. You will feel as if you have just stepped out of an old western movie. You will love the experience all in all.

Also, traveling to Sacramento is no problem as it can be conveniently accessed from anywhere in the state. For quicker access, the Sacramento International Airport is just 15-minutes north of downtown. Spring or fall is the best season to visit Sacramento. Sacramento is relatively a safe place for tourists. So, don’t wait much to plan your travel to Sacramento.

The place is a bucket-list-worthy! A great opportunity to learn more about Gold Rush history!!

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Spooky Beginnings at River City Saloon in Old Sacramento

Posted by docrocks on October 21, 2018

Spooky things happen in Old Sacramento all the time. The River City Saloon has three Ghosts and they are all friendly, but we thought we would share this story that was found about the saloon in its beginnings in the 1800’s.

“The boys won’t go back to the construction site,” said the foreman to the Madam.

“Tell them I’ll give them credit, once the saloon is up and running,” she said, carefully lifting her hem up to keep it clean.

“I would, but they’re spooked. They tell of tools going missing, large piles of bricks being moved around in seconds that no man could move, and mysterious figures floating through the air.”

 “That sounds like our old ghosts, from the rundown saloon that was here before,” she said, brushing fluff off her corset. “Just do what you have to do,” she said. “I don’t care if you build the whole thing yourself. Remember that you don’t get paid until it’s done.” She didn’t wait for a response. She turned and headed for her tent.

 “Yes, Madam,” he replied, frantically looking around for available workers.

 Johanna entered the tent, then noticed the figures seated in chairs near the wall. “Don’t worry, I’ll have a home for us in no time at all,” she told them. She looked up again, but the woman and child had vanished.

 She heard rustling sounds behind her. “What is it?” she asked. “I need to do the books.” She turned and looked up. “Oh, it’s you.” Standing by the opening of the tent was the ghostly figure of an old grizzled man, looking like he just came up from the gold mines. His body shimmered, as he struggled to stay visual.

 “I don’t trust that foreman,” he told her. “He’s trying to scam more money from you.”

 “Thank you, I can handle it myself,” she said.

 “We’re looking forward to the new saloon being built,” he stated, before fading away to nothing.

 Just then, she heard screaming. She got up and ran outside.

 “Whatever is wrong?” she asked the foreman.

 “There was some sort of attack,” he explained. “The last of my workers are gone. Now, I could probably get them to return tomorrow for triple the salary, but…”

 He wasn’t allowed to finish. “Please pack up your things and go,” she said. “I do believe you’ve angered the ghosts. Things will only get worse from now on.”

 He looked frantically around him and took her up on the offer.

 “Excuse me miss, someone is here to see you,” said an older woman.

 “Send him in, please.” She returned to her tent and took a seat at her desk.

 “Hello, Madam Johanna,” said a man finely dressed in a black suit and top hat. “I believe I can be of assistance?”

 “Why yes, kind sir. I have a saloon to build. Are you agreeable to my terms?”

 “Yes, I’ve already signed the forms.” He passed them to her.

 “Thank you,” she said. “You are welcome to set up. By the way, there are ghosts here, but if you don’t disturb them, they won’t disturb you.” She got up to shake his hand.

 “That won’t be a problem.” He turned and left the tent.

 “Good job ghosts!” she said to the air surrounding her. “Not only did we get rid of the scam artist, but we also saved on half the costs!” Her statement was met with silence, but she was positive she’d be hearing from the ghosts rather frequently over the next several years.


Ghosts happen in Old Sacramento, so be aware!

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Ghosts in Old Sacramento and River City Saloon?

Posted by docrocks on August 18, 2018

Ghosts in Old Sacramento? If someone asked you to think of the most haunted cities in America what would your answer be? New Orleans? Gettysburg? Savannah? Sure, they all have a reputation for being frequented by restless spirits, but would it surprise you to know that Sacramento, California is one of the most haunted places in the country? It’s true! The city has a rich history of deaths due to floods, murders and suicides. We’ve gathered a list of some of the most haunted places in Old Sacramento. Readers beware!


  • Old Sacramento Tunnels: We mentioned floods earlier, and it’s true. The streets of Sacramento were raised because of extreme flooding that took the lives of many of its citizens. The new area effectively sits on top of old roads, forming tunnels and catacombs that are still haunted by the ghosts of those who died down there.
  • The River City Saloon: If you’re in the mood for a great deli-style sandwich and the chance to share it with a hungry spirit, The River City Saloon is the place to be! The saloon is reportedly haunted by three ghosts – an old miner, a woman from the 1800’s often seen in what appears to be an old western corset and dress and a young child that looks to be under 8 years old.
  • The Eagle Theater: While most of Old Sacramento’s restless spirits have haunted the residents for many, many years, The Eagle Theater’s ghost is relatively young in ghost years! This establishment is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a 1970s director who moves props and chairs in the night after a show. Talk about dedication to one’s craft!

These are just a few of the local haunts that can be visited in Old Sacramento. We invite you to visit as many as you dare.

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Old Sacramento and the ghosts that visit River City Saloon

Posted by docrocks on August 8, 2018

River City saloon in Old Sacramento serves quality and tasty food and drinks and has done so for years. The customers of the River City Saloon are mostly people from all around the world who visit the bar and often get weird chills from the Old Sacramento ghosts and feelings that something else is present. Sacramento’s River District known as Old Sacramento is known to be a place of good fun, food, entertainment and history as it accommodates families and businesses visiting from all over.However, this great environment did not start out blissful like it currently is, in fact it’s scary past have contributed immensely to its current tourist attraction.

River City Saloon dates back in the late 1800’s when it was framed with wood and was later replaced with bricks in 1857. It was originally owned by Johanna Heigie, in 1861.In that period, the building became “French Saloon’s” and was then owned by Mr. Parker French, a newspaper man who loved pleasure after work. In the late 1960’s, the Old Sacramento Saloon had series of dangerous moments which resulted from its reputation of being anything but dull. It became a dangerous place due to the fearful stories shared by the people who visited it claiming Ghost encounters.

It is important to note however, that paranormal activities are not a new experience in Old Sacramento, California. In fact it is known to be one of the most haunted cities in the USA. Ghost activities occur mostly in River City Saloon saloon late in the evening but there are many area’s in Old Sacramento like Pionear Park, that many people have reported having ghostly encounters.

The River City Saloon has been experiencing ghostly activities for years  which people perceived to be trapped inside of the building or emanating from the Old City Cemetery where bodies of early Sacramento pioneers and settlers were buried. Most of burials were built over when the city raised the street level and the area is both creepy and beautiful. In fact visitors at River City Saloon in Old Sacramento district have reported seeing ghosts wearing mourning clothes. A typical example is the female spirit who is believed to be a former saloon girl (Phantasms have been photographed in the saloon during séances), another is a younger ghost – a child who looks to be around the age of 8. The child ghost has shown up in pictures from that many tourists have taken and some of these people have thought the ghostly image in the picture was simply a photo bomb. Lights have flickered, apparitions, and unexplained footsteps have also been observed after hours alongside other disturbances. Paranormal investigators have been out many times to see if they can help with the problematic energy from the other side that might be trapped in the building. Thou there are times when the staff and customers see and feel nothing, something will then happen out of the blue that lets them know they are still present.

Below is a picture taken by one of the customers that showed a ghost believed to be the small child that visits customers from time to time.

River City Saloon ghost

Picture taken by guest of a spirit / ghost inside River City Saloon in Old Sacramento. Look in the far right corner at the bottom of the picture.


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Old Sacramento and Its Last Old West Saloon – The River City Saloon

Posted by docrocks on June 11, 2018

Old Sacramento and Its Last Old West Saloon – The River City Saloon

Dating back to the beautiful days of the ‘Gold Rush,’ there is a long history of the saloons in the Wild West. Most Old Sacramento residents are not aware of the existing bars that contain a rich historical value. River city saloon is one of the many bars that are in the Old Sacramento District. Not all the residents lived at the place during the frontier days.

The River City Saloon
River City saloon dates back to the late 1800s and it was framed with wood and later replaced with bricks in 1857. At around 1861, the pub was owned by Johanna Heigle. During the same time, the building became “French Saloon’s” and changed ownership to Mr. Parker French, a newspaperman who desired a place full of fun after work.

In the 1960s the bar went through a dark period because it became a dangerous place. There have been fearful stories of people being dragged to the sea. Besides, during the period of probation, the area would be continuously get raided, because it was serving people alcohol and Sarsaparilla for medicinal purposes.

Since the bar was transformed to River City Saloon in 2007, the fearful past was saved and the future of the building became even brighter. The renovations done restored its original look and glory. The bar was initially located in a New York hotel, but it was later demolished and re-claimed by Red Barron Antiques in Atlanta.

Currently, the River City saloon has a Wi-Fi connection, the availability of deli-style sandwiches, a family menu of appetizers and the famous Old West Sarsaparilla available for 25 cents. In addition to that, the saloon is open until 9 pm for both family and kids to visit the bar and make an order of the old West delight.

At night, the place is full of life with people enjoying music and dance, especially on Thursday night with top 40 videos featured during the weekend and other forms of entertainment. Apart from that, customers enjoy River City Saloon offers that also feature the legendary Old West Sarsaparilla which is brewed explicitly by the River City Brewing Company that is found in Old Sacramento.

Whenever you visit Old Sacramento, don’t hesitate to drop by at The River City Saloon for the best treats of lunch, drinks, and dinner. The bar accepts the use of credit cards, Visa and MasterCard. Besides, parking and highchairs are available for customers.

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Old Sacramento Historic River City Saloon

Posted by docrocks on January 10, 2018

Old Sacramento and it historic saloons.

Old Sacramento is identified to be the City of Saloons where it has a long history as a town that was seldom short of the musical entertainment.  It also stayed open till late night. The River City Saloon which is located in the Old Sacramento district has a long history. Before its replacement with the brick in 1857, the building was initially early framed with wood while it was owned by Johanna Heigle in the year 1861. The River City Saloon is one of the oldest standing bars in Old Sacramento.  Later on, it came to be known as the Parker French’s Saloon. This Old Sacramento Saloon was also identified to be a dangerous place at times due to its reputation of being unexciting and stodgy. However, such claims of a bad reputations are not backed up with the credible historical evidence.

The place was renamed as the River City Saloon after it was remodeled to its original grandeur in the year 2007. The River City Saloon adopted the name from the fact that there are numerous and good saloons found in the Old Sacramento. The River City Saloon has the structure of a Saloon. The River City Saloon was created after some hours of research into the originally present saloon in the Old Sacramento. The River City Saloon which is located in the Old Sacramento is known for it’s award winning Bloody Mary’s and has many features such as it’s great sandwiches, live music, sports, video music, free Wi-Fi and the family priced menu of appetizers among other exciting things. In this case, the River City Saloon has had events continually since those early times where the culture has also been embraced in the current times. In present times, people visit the place to enjoy drinks among other delicacies making it a great place for entertainment.


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Posted by docrocks on August 19, 2017


Sacramento, CA, USA .  River City Saloon of Old Sacramento, CA has announced that it will be providing services of its historic bar for hosting birthdays. River City Saloon is landmark that has been there for more than a century with a reputed history. River City Saloon has taken yet another significant step by providing its services for birthday celebrations for adults. Everyone is welcome to feel special on the most auspicious occasion of birthday for themselves, friends and family, either it’s a special twentieth birthday or if it is a milestone of being fifty or sixty, River City Saloon is bound to make it a memorable day.

The Bar is an epitome of hospitality that has been serving the best quality delicious food and drinks in Old Sacramento CA for years. The customers of the Bar are from around the world and have always returned wanting more. The reputed Bar is the finest place to have a birthday party with reasonable cost. City River Saloon not only takes charge of birthday party and handles food, decoration, entertainment, music and seating arrangements but also provides the place free of cost whereas most of the places charge more than $500.00 for a place. River city Saloon has received amazing customer reviews over social media and popular forums like Facebook and Twitter.

“I don’t go out much anymore and ESPECIALLY not by myself but this is definitely my go to bar for an ice cold beer, a tasty margarita or just to ask the barmaid to surprise me. Every barmaid that I have met here has made me feel welcome and comfortable when I show up unaccompanied. That’s what makes this place Awesome! I love the atmosphere. Best bar in Old Sacramento! “Says Marilyn Ramirez, the owner of 4G-Paw Pet Nanny and House Sitting Service. The feedback of customers over websites and social media clearly indicates the appreciation of customers regarding the hospitality of staff at River City Saloon, this hospitality adds to the mark of the restaurant.

From pre-planning of birthday like picking a place in advance, choosing a date, picking the venue, working on the guest list and sending out birthday invitations to budget and planning the details of cake and entertainment River City Saloon takes charge and can give the best birthday bash one wishes. A best surprise birthday party to friends and family can be one of the finest treats hosted by River Pool Saloon. The website of River City Saloon has all the details of complete menu, drinks recipe, timings, discount offers, nightly events and videos are uploaded from time to time to give visitors a picture about the life and parties being catered at the bar. Birthday parties at River City Saloon are definitely going to make a mark of celebration and life at the bar.


Taking a stroll along the streets of Old Sacramento is like walking back in time

Posted by docrocks on August 8, 2017

Taking a stroll along the front street and other streets of Old Sacramento is like walking back in time.  The feel of the early gold rush can make your hair stand on end.  The buildings and the history that carved those buildings give tourists a taste of what it was like during those good old days. It was declared a U.S National Historic Landmark District after undergoing continued restoration and development since the 1960’s.

The District is often flooded due to its proximity to the Sacramento River system. Old Sacramento was raised above the normal ground level for added defense. This provided an extensive levee system which explains the wood planks found on various surfaces in front of store fronts and sidewalks throughout Old Sacramento and the Downtown areas.

Founded by John A. Sutter in 1848, Old Sacramento grew economically during the gold rush era and in the decades after. During the gold rush, it became a major distribution point, a commercial and agricultural center, and a terminus for wagon trains, stagecoaches, riverboats, the telegraph, the pony express and the first transcontinental railroad.

But in 1960, Old Sacramento fell into disrepair and disrepute. So in the mid 1960’s, a plan was set forth to redevelop the area and to designate it a national historic district.  Since then, 53 historic buildings, most of which date back to the 19th century, were restored to a reasonable approximation of their original appearance. There are still some that are being used as originally intended while most have become devoted to housing restaurants, gift shops, or other businesses catering to tourists.

Tourists come from all over the world to get a “feel” of what it was like during the gold rush days. But others come especially for the River City Saloon. The salon, housed originally by a framed wood building, was reconstructed in 1857 using bricks.  Like the other buildings of Old Sacramento, the River City Saloon was further restored to resemble the original establishment.  What used to be a “house of ill repute” is now a place of good fun, food, entertainment and history. It caters to families and serves the best nicely priced menu of award winning food, drinks such as the original Sarsaparilla, live music and video and so much more.

Feel the rush of the “Gold Rush” in Old Sacramento District. Walk through history and experience it through the different gift shops, restaurants and the River City Saloon.



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