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Great American Saloons

Posted by docrocks on October 10, 2016

Great American Saloons are still around? Yes, but on remembering the subjects previously celebrated now,  American Saloons? Arnold’s of Cincinnati? The Union Oyster House?  You never heard of the real saloons. You never drew your noses in Tombstone’s Bird Cage, the Clippel Shades Saloon in Butte, the Sazerac House of Virginia City, or the Long Branch.-

In their best days, the saloons were glorious and enchanting lieu. Earlier, when white husbands first entered the West, the saloons were, well, functional. Some were set up in prairie wagon. Tents, Kansas sod rooms, and Arizona adobes too sufficed the purpose in their day. Characteristic of these early serpent ranches were leaky ceiling, openings of elk obscure, the outdoors for plumbing, and wooden timbers for bars.

When the territory towns prospered from mining or kine, so did their saloons. Timber or brick walls supplanted canvas or adobe, and hide-covered openings afforded sit to glass.( Saloon custodians then had to install cast-iron disallows in front of the panes to protect them from the butts of horses hording under the covered boardwalks during rainstorms .) Ornate furnishings showed: sixty foot walnut, oak, and mahogany disallows, shipped by rail from Chicago or around the Horn from England; brass runways, spittoons, and towel hooks to accompany the bar( the towels were for mopping sud off your mustache ); backbar reflect and shelves for displaying bottles and paraphernalia; a potbellied stove; and oil paintings of seductive girls. Ending this high art was not always easy. Illuminating received from candles or kerosine lamp, which sometimes hung in groups from wagon motors. Eventually gas-lit chandeliers were installed in the more profitable watering holes, and, as energy became available sometime in the century, light bulbs decorated the interiors.

The exteriors of western jughouses were not something you’d miss journeying through municipality. Two floors high-pitched, the saloon front was impressive–until you caught a profile. The front walls were impostors: double the size of the buildings themselves. They moron no one, of course, hitherto contributed to the carnival atmosphere “the consumers ” expected and enjoyed.

The whiskey mills were, after all, shelters. Busting your posterior on a horse was tiring, repetitive, soiled, and dangerous work; mining and agricultural were no picnics, either. At the end of the month you needed time out , not time off, and saloons afforded the escape: brotherhood, excite, immediate gratification, high-pitched stakes and fast war, gender, distraction, and edification. In the Old West everyone drank, and no one wanted to drink alone. Guzzling was socializing, and the place to socialize was in your neighbourhood serpent ranch.

ALONG WITH THE ROTGUT came other amusements. Gambling, from poker and roulette to prancing grasshoppers and contending dogs, was an opportunity-more or less, depending on the faithfulnes of the house–to” knock Dame Fortune on her ass .”” Pretty waiter girlfriends ,” the sometimes partly dressed nymphs in the hurdy-gurdy saloons, were good for a dance and often more. Sexes, those fragile sisters and soiled falls, is engaged in many barrelhouses, like Denver’s Elephant Corral and the Alamo in Abilene.( One of these fancy girls was Calamity Jane, so listed because of what the hell are you contracted upon becoming personally acquainted .) And just as these fallen angels had their sit in the saloons, so did proponents of the unblemished assortment: Itinerant evangelists were usually welcome to address the assembled carousers. It was a fair arranging. The sin-buster got a ready-made congregation, and “the consumers ” enjoyed some lively entertainment.

In addition to the threat of eternal damnation, there are still the fact that there is earthly sentence. Many a cantina doubled as the neighbourhood courtroom. Parishes adopted referees on the basis of their common sense, fair play, and knowledge of the law-unless, of course, book-learning get in accordance with the rules of reasonableness. Excogitating a brand-new law was easier and faster than developing good sense on the job, so legal proceedings were often decided solely by a judge’s ability to exert his authority. Texas judge Three-Legged Willie was once investigated on a point by a defendant who maintained a bowie knife against the judge’s throat while positing:” This is the law of Texas !” Willie countered with his Navy Colt:” And here’s the Texas constitution !” Another Texan is perhaps the most famous of the old barroom jurists. Judge Roy Bean maintained field in his saloon, the Jersey Lily, in Langtree. His Statu listed both the pour distinguish and the town in fondness for a touring actress from the East, Lily Langtree.

GUNFIGHTING IN WESTERN SALOONS was awfully fairly, albeit not in the manner of” Have Gun, Will Travel” or” The Rifleman .” A mint of men made extend, chiefly between 1860 and 1885. Perhaps more was killed in saloons than in the western Indian campaigns; on the other hand , no fewer was killed in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen or in Storyville of New Orleans during those times. Contrary the idea of frontier savagery, like most errors, were commodities of the eastern press.( Some things never change .) Centuries before, European legend had sanctified pistol-waving gunmen; the Japanese portrayed fibs of their outlaw Samurai. In that knowledge, the reporters from New York and Baltimore wrote extravagantly of the manipulates of such gunmen as Jesse James and Wild Bill Hickok.

There were, of course, more than a few professional gunfighters. Several “Kids” had reputations: the Texas Kid, the Nevada Kid, and Willie, Jimmy, and Billy the Kid, the latter starting his life of crime embezzling shirts from Chinese laundrymen. John Wesley Hardin may impound the record for saloon shoot-outs, having killed perhaps 40 husbands. Most professionals, nonetheless, did not live long enough to accrue such a fibre of accomplishments. If they were not fire in simple clashes, their neighbors would bushwhack them.

Most gunfighting was between amateurs, typically cowboys. From” can’t see to can’t see ,” these men herded, fed, sprayed, branded, and fenced kine, and they labored at their errands for weeks, sometimes months, without a break. On the job, cowboys carried grease-guns because of varmints, Indians, rustlers, pirates, and range campaigns. Besides, there used to be the institutions of the Revolution, the innovators, and the Civil War to uphold. What the hell, all cowboys wore cast-iron. And when they stumbled the saloon on payday, they heard no reason to unbuckle.

, MEN WENT TO SALOONS to have a good time. The barroom was a sit to set aside your encumbrances, to purge yourself of dwell, sadnes, and displeasure, to freshen your outlook on “the worlds”. But while no one objected to these goals, there lived those who were intolerant of the means for reaching them: spouses. As the number of members of married women in the West became substantial, their insistence upon establishing orderly, educated societies grew hopeless to discount. And then two directions peaked: the supply of liquor and beer and the century-old reaction to chronic drunkenness. The onetime worsened the latter because overproduction, especially of beer, resulted in price-cutting, which increased sales little than it lessened advantages.

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Saloons Of America’s Old West

Posted by docrocks on January 14, 2016

They say the Old West was a magnificent period in U.S. history. Many of us would love to go back in time only to have a drink with Jesse James or Billy the Kid and feel what it’s like to be living as an outlaw. Although it wasn’t as exciting as most of us would assume by watching Hollywood western movies, many people felt as if they were ‘rediscovering fire,’ especially around the time of the Gold Rush, various conflicts with the natives, and all the major events that followed. When many settlers already living on the East Coast started traveling towards the West in search of better life, new settlements, and gold, they weren’t expecting to find the many primitive Indian tribes and vast regions of wilderness.

Drinking was considered a rather usual habit among all American settlers, especially since many of them were Irish and could easily ‘hold their liquor.’ Wherever a new town was constructed, at least, one saloon had opened on the main street. Namely, saloons ‘hide’ many interesting facts and history, so don’t be surprised if you see one in 2016. Did you know what they did to people who ‘didn’t drink like men’ back then? If anyone saw you with an unfinished glass of whiskey, they’d probably put a gun to your forehead and make you drink the whole thing in one sip.

Also, it is not a good idea to order any weak drink, something in the form of a cocktail, because you’d be heavily mocked for it. Back then, men who didn’t drink much were called weak. On the other hand, the native Indians would sell all the furs, gold, and most prized possessions in exchange for some Firewater. The believed it was magical because of the effects of fire and drunkenness.

Believe it or not, some saloons still exist today. For example, the River City Saloon located in the Old Sacramento District in California is one of the last remnants of a glorious era. This saloon is open today, after a much-needed renovation back in 2007. Completely authentic, with rustic looks and modern touch, you can get your whiskey and beer along with some of Sacramento’s finest food and dishes, served until morning time.

As times change, so do people and their surroundings. Aren’t you tired of nightclubs and cocktail bars? Why not have some real fun in a place where cowboys and outlaws used to exchange bullets and whiskey shots? Some say it’s always a smart idea to ‘kill’ our monotonous habits of doing the same things and go to the same places. It makes you feel alive again on the inside. Why not skip going to the local bar or restaurant this weekend and go to the Old District instead? You’ll surely have fun at the River City Saloon and get to eat (or drink) ’till sunrise. As they say, “If you don’t like where you are, change it.”

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Making the Most of Your Time in Old Sacramento

Posted by docrocks on October 13, 2015

Located along the beautiful Sacramento River and sprawled out over 28 acres lies the National Historic Landmark District of Old Sacramento. A place filled with rich history and plenty of opportunities to take a step back in time and learn about the time of the California Gold Rush and the Transcontinental Railroad. Endless activities to shop, dine and explore makes this the perfect place for travelers of all sorts including couples, friends and families full of little ones. Consider taking part in the following fun things to see and do the next time you find yourself in Old Sacramento…

Visit the Many Museums

With seven different museums scattered throughout the district, you will surely want to make your way to at least a few of them. For those who really want to dive into the history of this place, head to the California State Railroad Museum, Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum or the Sacramento History Museum. All seven are great places the entire family can explore and enjoy.

Take a Ride Through Town

If you do decide to pay a visit to the California State Railroad Museum, you will get the chance to hop on the Excursion Train Rides (weather permitting) where you will depart from the Central Pacific Railroad Freight Depot and hold on while taking a cruise down the beautiful and scenic route. If you enjoyed that and are looking for another unique experience, make your way towards 2nd Street between J and K to take a carriage ride through town!

Discover the Fun Cafes & Delis

In between all the sight seeing, attractions and exploring, you will need to rejuvenate and replenish at the many great restaurants, cafes and delis found right in the heart of town. Grab a morning coffee and pastry at Steamers Bakery & Café, lunch at Railroad Fish & Chips and then dinner at Old Town Smokehouse.

Pay a Visit to the Last Old West Saloon

Head to the River City Saloon, the last old west saloon in the area filled with not only great fun but also incredible history dating back to the year of 1857. Still exuding that same character of the 1800’s and letting not only the adults have some fun but also the kids until about 8 p.m. every night. With adult beverages, 25 cent old time non-alcoholic Sarsaparilla and the fact that you can eat the served peanuts and throw the shells on the ground make this place nothing short of spectacular and fun for all to enjoy.

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Booking Holiday Parties In Sacramento For Free

Posted by docrocks on November 21, 2013

Absolutely FREE, Holiday Party For You, Your Staff And Friends!


Can you believe that the holidays are already right on top of us? I know, neither can we! And you know what that means…. It’s time to make arrangements for your Christmas and holiday parties.  After all many places book up well in advance and surely you want to have a holiday shin-dig somewhere other than your own home.

We understand that this is one of the busiest times of the year for all of us, but the holiday season is also one of the best times of the year, especially for those of us who get to attend all the holiday parties.

River City Saloon in Historic Old Sacramento loves to host parties and especially holiday parties. If it’s for your company, colleagues, family and friends, we know how to get er’ done in a way that will be enjoyable for everyone who attends, and headache free for you (the host).

River City Saloon is the only venue in town that can offer you and your guests an Old West Saloon atmosphere that can hold up to 140 people, offer entertainment and security at NO COST!!  Yep, 100% Free!  No deposit, No booking fee, No catch, it’s just our way to show off our great Saloon.

We Take Care of Almost Everything. The great thing about booking your holiday event with River City Saloon is that we’ve been doing this for years now so we’ve got it locked down! We’ll work with you or with your caterer or we can host a small buffet, your desired music, and any special requirements you may have to ensure that every detail is taken care of.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small booking for you and a few friends, or if it’s a whopper with you and your closest 140 friends, family, and colleagues. River City Saloon has you covered.

So don’t delay as the holidays are here and River City Saloon is booking up fast! Call Sean Derfield at 916-524-5275 or email him at Sederfield@hotmail.com



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Karaoke At The River City Saloon

Posted by docrocks on August 4, 2013

Karaoke in Sacramento is #1 at River City Saloon. The Saloon has taken Best in Sacramento Three Years in a row by the readers of the News & Review. We have also been awarded as best karaoke by our local CBS TV Station.


Simply put we make it fun for everyone. We skip songs in between singers so those that can’t stand karaoke can bare the singers. We play top 4o video’s and they span all types including country, rap, rock, and even a Frank Sinatra song once in awhile.

Also we do not put you on stage. You can karaoke sing from anywhere in the bar, on-top of the bar or even the bathroom…

In some countries, a karaoke box is called a KTV. It is also a term used by recording engineers translated as “empty track” meaning there he music is typically a well-known pop song minus the lead vocal. Lyrics are usually displayed on a video screen, along with a moving symbol, changing color, or music video images, to guide the singer. In some countries, a karaoke box is called a KTV. It is also a term used by recording engineers translated as “empty track” meaning there is no vocal track.


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You Have Won!

Posted by docrocks on April 20, 2013

Thanks for adding your name to our mailing list. You should go back and check your email box as there will be a new email in there with your prize. If there is not, check your spam folder and make sure you add us to your contacts list for future prizes.

If there was an error of any kind please send us a email at    TheRiverCitySaloon@gmail.com

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Gold Rush Days Beer Crawl, Old Sacramento

Posted by docrocks on August 10, 2012

Old Sacramento's Gold Rush DaysGold Rush Days in Old Sacramento’s start Friday August 31st but the party starts Friday NIGHT. The Gold Rush Days Beer Crawl is in it’s 2nd year and is a great after work get together or way to get friends together and visit all the great restaurants and bars Old Sacramento has to offer. Dress up the part, Gold Miners, saloon girls, gunfighters, or just plain night out clothing is fine. But be ready for some fun with all that Old Sacramento has to offer.

This is all part of the big Gold Rush Days celebration that is going on Labor Day Weekend in Old Sacramento. This is Old Sacramento’s 13th Gold Rush Days weekend. More than 200 tons of dirt will pave the streets of Old Sacramento as this annual festival “turns back the clock,” transforming Sacramento’s historic district into a scene straight out of the 1850s.

For $10.00 you will visit 8 of these great establishments in no particular order and get a 6-9 oz craft beer at each all for the low price of just $10.00. It starts at 6pm and goes till midnight but don’t worry because when it’s over there are plenty going on till closing time. Details, venues, beers are subject to change and you should signup for updates below.

You should also know that last years Gold Rush Days Beer Crawl event SOLD OUT. 1200 Tickets Gone By 7pm. We strongly suggest you purchase tickets in advance via eventbrite or at one of the venues.

Gold Rush Days Features Dancers, Street Dramas, Wagon Rides, Gold Panning, Period Artifacts, Storytelling, Craft Making, Embarcadero Tent City, Period Musicians, Horse-Drawn Carriages & much more!

It is a all weekend event, and we strongly suggest you check into a local hotel and make a weekend of it. Old Sacramento has 3 very close by.

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Gold Rush Days Beer Crawl is an event ran by the bars of Old Sacramento and is not affiliated with Gold Rush Days.

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Sailor Jerry Party

Posted by docrocks on July 31, 2012


Join Speed Rack Sundays for a special Sailor Jerry Industry Party,   Sunday August 26th. Hosted Sailor Jerry Drinks & Live Music from 8pm-11pm, followed by $3 /$4 you call its for all those in the bar and Restaurant industry.

This is a industry only party and you must be on the guest list to enter during the 8-11pm hours of the party. Please fill out the email code below and make sure you check your email box for your invitation.

Please note there is a dress code in effect as well as you must have a current 21 and over id. No one will be allowed in without one. The party is first come first serve so arrive early and have your email  print out ready.



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Old Sacramento, Ca

Posted by docrocks on July 22, 2012

Old Sacramento was the brain child of the city of Sacramento back in the 1960’s. Before then Old Sacramento was just known as Sacramento. It was at the time one of the worst Skid Rows west of the Mississippi.  It’s buildings were decaying, drunks and prostitutes were found in many of the saloons that lined the streets and no one came after dark unless they were looking for trouble.

The state wanted to build highway interstate 80 thru Sacramento, and thought they would do so right along the river front. This would take care of the problem and would be a nice drive along the Sacramento River.

So the citizens then got evolved and said that we need to preserve this great area with historic buildings, and along came what would soon be known as Old Sacramento, or as many Sacramento folk call it, Old Sac. They shortly after got it to be established as a state park , received funding and now the Old Sacramento area  is the second oldest urban renewal historic district in the country.

The Freeway did still come thru, but was routed just east of 2nd street.

Old Sacramento is also the site of the California State Railroad Museum, the California State Military Museum, the Sacramento History Museum and the Wells Fargo History Museum.

Other attractions available for visitors include rides in horse drawn carriages, historic trains from the former Central Pacific Railroad passenger station, and cruises on historic riverboats.  Before it was Old Sacramento it was known as just Sacramento, and very well known for it’s Saloons. Al thou the city did shut most of those Saloons down during redevelopment, a few popped up. The River City Saloon came about when the new owners saw a vacancy at the Old Parker French Saloon. They remodeled it and brought it back to the great look it once was. Make sure you don’t miss it when visiting Old Sacramento.

old sacramento, ca

Old Sacramento, ca in the day.

The Sacramento Valley Rail Station is just a short walk away.

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Free Lunch

Posted by docrocks on June 24, 2012

Print this out for your free Sandwich. See all terms and conditions.

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