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Ghosts in Old Sacramento and River City Saloon?

Posted by docrocks on August 18, 2018

Ghosts in Old Sacramento? If someone asked you to think of the most haunted cities in America what would your answer be? New Orleans? Gettysburg? Savannah? Sure, they all have a reputation for being frequented by restless spirits, but would it surprise you to know that Sacramento, California is one of the most haunted places in the country? It’s true! The city has a rich history of deaths due to floods, murders and suicides. We’ve gathered a list of some of the most haunted places in Old Sacramento. Readers beware!


  • Old Sacramento Tunnels: We mentioned floods earlier, and it’s true. The streets of Sacramento were raised because of extreme flooding that took the lives of many of its citizens. The new area effectively sits on top of old roads, forming tunnels and catacombs that are still haunted by the ghosts of those who died down there.
  • The River City Saloon: If you’re in the mood for a great deli-style sandwich and the chance to share it with a hungry spirit, The River City Saloon is the place to be! The saloon is reportedly haunted by three ghosts – an old miner, a woman from the 1800’s often seen in what appears to be an old western corset and dress and a young child that looks to be under 8 years old.
  • The Eagle Theater: While most of Old Sacramento’s restless spirits have haunted the residents for many, many years, The Eagle Theater’s ghost is relatively young in ghost years! This establishment is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a 1970s director who moves props and chairs in the night after a show. Talk about dedication to one’s craft!

These are just a few of the local haunts that can be visited in Old Sacramento. We invite you to visit as many as you dare.

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