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Have a birthday party for a friend tips

Posted by docrocks on January 8, 2017

Have a birthday party for a friend or that someone special in your life.

Celebrating your loved ones birthday is a special event that’s meant to be shared with all friends and loved ones. Adults love parties as much as the kids and it’s really when friends get together for your birthday by sharing the special day with you. Especially if you are celebrating an important milestone, such as turning and celebrating that 21st birthday or turning 30, 40, 50, or even 60. These birthdays are special and should be celebrated with all the fanfare By having your party at a bar like River City Saloon in Old Sacramento, CA many of the things below can be handled for you.


The Host’s To-Do List

  • Pre-planning: Pick a place that does not charge to have a party for that someone special.  Choose that place well in advance at least one month before the date of the party.

Preparing for a party with some extra time should  guarantee that you’ll have a relatively drama-free birthday party and make you look like you hired a party planner.

  • Choose the date: The best day for any party is the weekend. But some Mondays are holidays, so Sundays can work too.  By having it on the weekend it helps ensure that your guests will be available.

Remember, it does not have to be on the actual day. You can pick the weekend before or after your actual birthday.

  • Pick the venue: There are plenty of venues that allow you to have a party for free, but If you want an intimate party with just a few friends and family, then host the party at your house. But If you want something more crazy or remember able then go with a restaurant, bar or hotel function room.

River City Saloon in Old Sacramento is just one of the many places that will host your party at no cost. They don’t charge any fees or have a bar or food minimum.

  • Your guest list: Make a list of all the guests that you want invited to you party so you won’t forget anyone. Make sure you include friends that the birthday person might not have seen in awhile. Nothing says surprise more than a friend that hasn’t been seen in years.
  • Send out the birthday invitations. Once you have locked down the venue and date, make sure to send out your birthday party invitations to everyone you would like to attend.
  • Budget: You need to make this a fun event but to avoid spending too much money a budget is needed.

This is where having a free place to host the party really comes in. Many places charge upwards of $500.00 just for the rental of the room. Save money and do some looking around.

Planning the Details: This should be done in advance but 3 weeks usually works well.

With just weeks to plan for everything, it’s time to decide if you are going to have food, a caterer, decorations, and of course any games or entertainment.

  • Food – a buffet is always the most popular, cheapest and easiest method of serving food. It’s relatively less expensive than having an ala carte menu. Don’t forget to have light food or snacks for guests as they might be drinking on a empty stomach.
  • Decorations – it’s easier to decorate with a theme in mind. Pirate party, superhero themed party, and 80’s party always bring out the fun in your guests. Decorations for most themes can be matched easily.
  • Entertainment and games – to a little more fun, have some activities or games to keep the guests entertained. Try to have the activities relate to the theme you are having. Hire a DJ, band or even a magician.

Once again if you are having it at a venue, many places offer free entertainment such as a DJ or Karaoke.

  • Favors – Why not have a keepsake from the party. Be sure to hand out party favors that are tied to the theme. Things like personalized playing cards are great for a casino themed birthday party. You can even go as simple as candy wrapped up in a bag for the tables or when people leave.

So when planning a party for that someone special please refer to these helpful tips and make it a memory that everyone will be talking about. Birthday parties are a great way to rally up the friends and we hope we have helped you a bit in your quest to planning the ultimate party.

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