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Old Sacramento and Facebook events, A how to add your friends to an event.

Posted by docrocks on May 8, 2012

Old Sacramento has many events and River City Saloon helps host many. We often set up a event in facebook and tell the various merchants in Old Sacramento to add the event and let all there friends know. Recently on a past event I put this together for the Old Sacramento bars. Feel free to use it to let your employee’s know how to add there friends to events.

A like or Share button from your employee’s is not enough. You need them to do the following below.

The average attendee that invites people to your event does so to over 500 friends on facebook.  By employees inviting friends to our events it will be seen by a 100 thousand plus people. Sharing a post goes to just thousands.  You and your employees need to invite.

Steps to making a facebook event get more views are below.

After event has been created, go to that page.

old sacramento bars

Look for the “I’m Attending”, or “Join” button, and click on it.


 old sacramento and how we facebook it

Old Sacramento event and facebooking it

Next you will have the option to invite friends. Click that button



Inviteing your friends Old Sacramento

how to invite your friends in Old Sacramento




Next, check the boxes of all friends           (Google Chrome has an app that will    let you check all boxes in a couple of steps).







That’s it, now all your friends will know about your facebook event, just like the ones we do for Old Sacramento and The River City Saloon.

We use this at River City Saloon located in Old Sacramento at every chance we get. We have weekly bands, DJ’s and more and a event would not be and event without a facebook link, like and event page.

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