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Old Sacramento and the ghosts that visit River City Saloon

Posted by docrocks on August 8, 2018

River City saloon in Old Sacramento serves quality and tasty food and drinks and has done so for years. The customers of the River City Saloon are mostly people from all around the world who visit the bar and often get weird chills from the Old Sacramento ghosts and feelings that something else is present. Sacramento’s River District known as Old Sacramento is known to be a place of good fun, food, entertainment and history as it accommodates families and businesses visiting from all over.However, this great environment did not start out blissful like it currently is, in fact it’s scary past have contributed immensely to its current tourist attraction.

River City Saloon dates back in the late 1800’s when it was framed with wood and was later replaced with bricks in 1857. It was originally owned by Johanna Heigie, in 1861.In that period, the building became “French Saloon’s” and was then owned by Mr. Parker French, a newspaper man who loved pleasure after work. In the late 1960’s, the Old Sacramento Saloon had series of dangerous moments which resulted from its reputation of being anything but dull. It became a dangerous place due to the fearful stories shared by the people who visited it claiming Ghost encounters.

It is important to note however, that paranormal activities are not a new experience in Old Sacramento, California. In fact it is known to be one of the most haunted cities in the USA. Ghost activities occur mostly in River City Saloon saloon late in the evening but there are many area’s in Old Sacramento like Pionear Park, that many people have reported having ghostly encounters.

The River City Saloon has been experiencing ghostly activities for years  which people perceived to be trapped inside of the building or emanating from the Old City Cemetery where bodies of early Sacramento pioneers and settlers were buried. Most of burials were built over when the city raised the street level and the area is both creepy and beautiful. In fact visitors at River City Saloon in Old Sacramento district have reported seeing ghosts wearing mourning clothes. A typical example is the female spirit who is believed to be a former saloon girl (Phantasms have been photographed in the saloon during séances), another is a younger ghost – a child who looks to be around the age of 8. The child ghost has shown up in pictures from that many tourists have taken and some of these people have thought the ghostly image in the picture was simply a photo bomb. Lights have flickered, apparitions, and unexplained footsteps have also been observed after hours alongside other disturbances. Paranormal investigators have been out many times to see if they can help with the problematic energy from the other side that might be trapped in the building. Thou there are times when the staff and customers see and feel nothing, something will then happen out of the blue that lets them know they are still present.

Below is a picture taken by one of the customers that showed a ghost believed to be the small child that visits customers from time to time.

River City Saloon ghost

Picture taken by guest of a spirit / ghost inside River City Saloon in Old Sacramento. Look in the far right corner at the bottom of the picture.


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