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Old Sacramento has been a prime tourist destination in California

Posted by docrocks on January 22, 2020

Old Sacramento has been a prime tourist destination in California, thanks to the beautiful 18th century buildings housing amazing museums and restaurants. This district is also resemblant to the Old West you usually see in movies or TV series. Renting costumes is possible, so bringing your camera will finally get you that perfect Wild West instagram post you’ve always wanted.

During the summer and every weekend, you can see horse-drawn carriages, and street performers dressed in period costumes carrying marionettes and guitars at Old Sacramento. As a bonus, the music they play really tickles the ears. Due to some construction going on in the historic district nowadays, the place is actually less crowded. You can take advantage of that, by scheduling a trip to Old Sacramento for a more peaceful vacation.

Old Sacramento State Historic Park comprises most of the current Old Town. This historic park is located along the banks of the Sacramento River, and is what’s Old Sacramento is most known for.

After a day’s stroll around the historic park, you can head to the River City Saloon, which is the most famous pub in Old Sacramento. River City Saloon is the only Old West saloon in the district, so you wouldn’t want to miss visiting it. The building was originally made of wood back in the day and was replaced with brick in 1857.  Recognizing its big role in Old Sacramento’s history, the saloon was remodeled in 2007, which brought it back to its old glory. It was then renamed the River City Saloon.

The saloon is also home to a grand Triple Arch Brunswick back bar, which resembles the one it used to have back in 1871. The intricate ceilings will also catch your attention. The saloon boasts great customer service, drinks, and food, all of which are components of an unforgettable experience. River City Saloon also offers complimentary Wi-fi, too. At night, the saloon is full of life with people enjoying dance and music, especially during Thursdays. The legendary Old West Sarsaparilla which is carefully brewed explicitly is also a must-try.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Old Sacramento now!

Girls of the River City Saloon located in Old Sacramento

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