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Old Sacramento Historic River City Saloon

Posted by docrocks on January 10, 2018

Old Sacramento and it historic saloons.

Old Sacramento is identified to be the City of Saloons where it has a long history as a town that was seldom short of the musical entertainment.  It also stayed open till late night. The River City Saloon which is located in the Old Sacramento district has a long history. Before its replacement with the brick in 1857, the building was initially early framed with wood while it was owned by Johanna Heigle in the year 1861. The River City Saloon is one of the oldest standing bars in Old Sacramento.  Later on, it came to be known as the Parker French’s Saloon. This Old Sacramento Saloon was also identified to be a dangerous place at times due to its reputation of being unexciting and stodgy. However, such claims of a bad reputations are not backed up with the credible historical evidence.

The place was renamed as the River City Saloon after it was remodeled to its original grandeur in the year 2007. The River City Saloon adopted the name from the fact that there are numerous and good saloons found in the Old Sacramento. The River City Saloon has the structure of a Saloon. The River City Saloon was created after some hours of research into the originally present saloon in the Old Sacramento. The River City Saloon which is located in the Old Sacramento is known for it’s award winning Bloody Mary’s and has many features such as it’s great sandwiches, live music, sports, video music, free Wi-Fi and the family priced menu of appetizers among other exciting things. In this case, the River City Saloon has had events continually since those early times where the culture has also been embraced in the current times. In present times, people visit the place to enjoy drinks among other delicacies making it a great place for entertainment.


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