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Old Sacramento and Its Last Old West Saloon – The River City Saloon

Posted by docrocks on June 11, 2018

Old Sacramento and Its Last Old West Saloon – The River City Saloon

Dating back to the beautiful days of the ‘Gold Rush,’ there is a long history of the saloons in the Wild West. Most Old Sacramento residents are not aware of the existing bars that contain a rich historical value. River city saloon is one of the many bars that are in the Old Sacramento District. Not all the residents lived at the place during the frontier days.

The River City Saloon
River City saloon dates back to the late 1800s and it was framed with wood and later replaced with bricks in 1857. At around 1861, the pub was owned by Johanna Heigle. During the same time, the building became “French Saloon’s” and changed ownership to Mr. Parker French, a newspaperman who desired a place full of fun after work.

In the 1960s the bar went through a dark period because it became a dangerous place. There have been fearful stories of people being dragged to the sea. Besides, during the period of probation, the area would be continuously get raided, because it was serving people alcohol and Sarsaparilla for medicinal purposes.

Since the bar was transformed to River City Saloon in 2007, the fearful past was saved and the future of the building became even brighter. The renovations done restored its original look and glory. The bar was initially located in a New York hotel, but it was later demolished and re-claimed by Red Barron Antiques in Atlanta.

Currently, the River City saloon has a Wi-Fi connection, the availability of deli-style sandwiches, a family menu of appetizers and the famous Old West Sarsaparilla available for 25 cents. In addition to that, the saloon is open until 9 pm for both family and kids to visit the bar and make an order of the old West delight.

At night, the place is full of life with people enjoying music and dance, especially on Thursday night with top 40 videos featured during the weekend and other forms of entertainment. Apart from that, customers enjoy River City Saloon offers that also feature the legendary Old West Sarsaparilla which is brewed explicitly by the River City Brewing Company that is found in Old Sacramento.

Whenever you visit Old Sacramento, don’t hesitate to drop by at The River City Saloon for the best treats of lunch, drinks, and dinner. The bar accepts the use of credit cards, Visa and MasterCard. Besides, parking and highchairs are available for customers.

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