916 2nd Street, Sacramento CA, USA
- Phone 916-443-6852
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Old Sacramento – River City Saloon

Posted by docrocks on September 11, 2012

Old Sacramento has fifteen places you can find a tasty drink at. Besides River City Saloon there’s   O’Mally’s for an Irish feel. Fanny Ann’s is an institution in Old Sacramento and has been there the longest, The World Famous Fanny Ann’s has been serving up Old Sacramento’s finest burgers and coldest beer since 1973. Join Mac and the Crew for a quick lunch, happy hour cocktail or a late night rendezvous!.

Sports Corner shows the game and has a juke box, kind of small but always a good time.

We wanted to show off a video of a Friday Night at River City Saloon

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]cuBdHmdMoh0[/youtube]

Hers a list of all the places in Old Sacramento to have a drink.

Enjoy a sit-down meal or a drink at one of Old Sacramento’s hospitable establishments.

Back Door Lounge
1112 Firehouse Alley
(916) 442-5751

Coconut Grove Sports Bar & Grill
106 J St.
(916) 441-4222

Delta Bar & Grill
1000 Front St.
(916) 444-5464

Fanny Ann’s Saloon
1023 2nd St.
(916) 441-0505

Fat City Bar & Cafe
1001 Front St.
(916) 446-6768

Firehouse Restaurant
1112 2nd St.
(916) 442-4772

Hot & Spicy Cafe New Orleans
117 K St.
(916) 443-5051

Joe’s Crab Shack
1210 Front St.
(916) 553-4249

Harvey House
2nd and I St.
(916) 930-0495

La Terraza Mexican Restaurant
1027 2nd St
(916) 440-0874

Laughs Unlimited
1207 Front St.
(916) 446-8128

O’Mally’s Pub
1109 2nd St.
(916) 492-1230

The Other Office
926 2nd St.
(916) 444-2002

Pilothouse Restaurant
1000 Front St.
(916) 441-4440

Rio City Cafe
1110 Front St.
(916) 442-8226

River City Old West Saloon
916 2nd St.
(916) 443-6852

Looking for piazza in Old Sacramento?

Round Table Pizza
127 K St.
(916) 443-7461

Sports Corner Cafe
1030 2nd St.
(916) 442-8489

Ten 22
1022 2nd St.
(916) 441-2211

Vega’s Underground
910 2nd St.
(916) 448-1793

Those are just some of the great places to dine in Old Sacramento, just be sure you stop by River City Saloon first.

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