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River City Saloon in Sacramento Wins Best Saloon By Readers of True West Magazine

Posted by docrocks on March 6, 2012

[title color=”red-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”arial” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]River City Saloon Win Best Saloon By Readers of True West Magazine[/title]

River City Saloon in Old Sacramento

Sacramento's Last Old West Saloon

We love it when we win things and when we were chosen for best saloon in the whole USA by readers of True West Magazine, all we can say is Thank You! Now the Magazine’s Favorite is Bucket Of Blood up in Virginia City, and we can’t even compare to that great place. So congrats to the staff for making so many visitors the The River City Saloon in Old Sacramento feel great when visiting the Last Old West Saloon in Sacramento.

River City Saloon has won many awards and this will be another memorable one.

Here is the except from their website



Bucket of Blood Saloon
Oftentimes we consider ourselves lucky enough to get to walk through an authentic watering hole and, perhaps, if the place is still operated, grab a drink or two with some friends. But how often do you get to walk into an 1876 saloon, with its Old West furnishings and beautiful view window of the Nevada mountains, and find yourself in a full house packed with period-dressed docents dancing to the music of John David and the Comstock Cowboys? Well, if you’re in Virginia City, Nevada, on a Sunday, that’s the scene you’ll find at Bucket of Blood. We’ve always loved this historic landmark, not least of all because it has been run by McBride & Sons since 1931. But these McBrides have taken this place to another level of respectability, and for that, they deserve our highest honor.

READER’S CHOICE: River City Saloon • Old Sacramento, CA • TheRiverCitySaloon.com    River City Saloon

So when you are visiting Old Sacramento, you should consider visiting the River City Saloon, it will take you back to the good old days of how saloon’s looked and felt.


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