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Saloons Of America’s Old West

Posted by docrocks on January 14, 2016

They say the Old West was a magnificent period in U.S. history. Many of us would love to go back in time only to have a drink with Jesse James or Billy the Kid and feel what it’s like to be living as an outlaw. Although it wasn’t as exciting as most of us would assume by watching Hollywood western movies, many people felt as if they were ‘rediscovering fire,’ especially around the time of the Gold Rush, various conflicts with the natives, and all the major events that followed. When many settlers already living on the East Coast started traveling towards the West in search of better life, new settlements, and gold, they weren’t expecting to find the many primitive Indian tribes and vast regions of wilderness.

Drinking was considered a rather usual habit among all American settlers, especially since many of them were Irish and could easily ‘hold their liquor.’ Wherever a new town was constructed, at least, one saloon had opened on the main street. Namely, saloons ‘hide’ many interesting facts and history, so don’t be surprised if you see one in 2016. Did you know what they did to people who ‘didn’t drink like men’ back then? If anyone saw you with an unfinished glass of whiskey, they’d probably put a gun to your forehead and make you drink the whole thing in one sip.

Also, it is not a good idea to order any weak drink, something in the form of a cocktail, because you’d be heavily mocked for it. Back then, men who didn’t drink much were called weak. On the other hand, the native Indians would sell all the furs, gold, and most prized possessions in exchange for some Firewater. The believed it was magical because of the effects of fire and drunkenness.

Believe it or not, some saloons still exist today. For example, the River City Saloon located in the Old Sacramento District in California is one of the last remnants of a glorious era. This saloon is open today, after a much-needed renovation back in 2007. Completely authentic, with rustic looks and modern touch, you can get your whiskey and beer along with some of Sacramento’s finest food and dishes, served until morning time.

As times change, so do people and their surroundings. Aren’t you tired of nightclubs and cocktail bars? Why not have some real fun in a place where cowboys and outlaws used to exchange bullets and whiskey shots? Some say it’s always a smart idea to ‘kill’ our monotonous habits of doing the same things and go to the same places. It makes you feel alive again on the inside. Why not skip going to the local bar or restaurant this weekend and go to the Old District instead? You’ll surely have fun at the River City Saloon and get to eat (or drink) ’till sunrise. As they say, “If you don’t like where you are, change it.”

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