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Spooky Beginnings at River City Saloon in Old Sacramento

Posted by docrocks on October 21, 2018

Spooky things happen in Old Sacramento all the time. The River City Saloon has three Ghosts and they are all friendly, but we thought we would share this story that was found about the saloon in its beginnings in the 1800’s.

“The boys won’t go back to the construction site,” said the foreman to the Madam.

“Tell them I’ll give them credit, once the saloon is up and running,” she said, carefully lifting her hem up to keep it clean.

“I would, but they’re spooked. They tell of tools going missing, large piles of bricks being moved around in seconds that no man could move, and mysterious figures floating through the air.”

 “That sounds like our old ghosts, from the rundown saloon that was here before,” she said, brushing fluff off her corset. “Just do what you have to do,” she said. “I don’t care if you build the whole thing yourself. Remember that you don’t get paid until it’s done.” She didn’t wait for a response. She turned and headed for her tent.

 “Yes, Madam,” he replied, frantically looking around for available workers.

 Johanna entered the tent, then noticed the figures seated in chairs near the wall. “Don’t worry, I’ll have a home for us in no time at all,” she told them. She looked up again, but the woman and child had vanished.

 She heard rustling sounds behind her. “What is it?” she asked. “I need to do the books.” She turned and looked up. “Oh, it’s you.” Standing by the opening of the tent was the ghostly figure of an old grizzled man, looking like he just came up from the gold mines. His body shimmered, as he struggled to stay visual.

 “I don’t trust that foreman,” he told her. “He’s trying to scam more money from you.”

 “Thank you, I can handle it myself,” she said.

 “We’re looking forward to the new saloon being built,” he stated, before fading away to nothing.

 Just then, she heard screaming. She got up and ran outside.

 “Whatever is wrong?” she asked the foreman.

 “There was some sort of attack,” he explained. “The last of my workers are gone. Now, I could probably get them to return tomorrow for triple the salary, but…”

 He wasn’t allowed to finish. “Please pack up your things and go,” she said. “I do believe you’ve angered the ghosts. Things will only get worse from now on.”

 He looked frantically around him and took her up on the offer.

 “Excuse me miss, someone is here to see you,” said an older woman.

 “Send him in, please.” She returned to her tent and took a seat at her desk.

 “Hello, Madam Johanna,” said a man finely dressed in a black suit and top hat. “I believe I can be of assistance?”

 “Why yes, kind sir. I have a saloon to build. Are you agreeable to my terms?”

 “Yes, I’ve already signed the forms.” He passed them to her.

 “Thank you,” she said. “You are welcome to set up. By the way, there are ghosts here, but if you don’t disturb them, they won’t disturb you.” She got up to shake his hand.

 “That won’t be a problem.” He turned and left the tent.

 “Good job ghosts!” she said to the air surrounding her. “Not only did we get rid of the scam artist, but we also saved on half the costs!” Her statement was met with silence, but she was positive she’d be hearing from the ghosts rather frequently over the next several years.


Ghosts happen in Old Sacramento, so be aware!

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